Welcome to the 3rd Baughurst Rainbows

Rainbows are the youngest group in Girl Guiding and are aged between 5-7. 

Rainbows wear a very smart red track suit or a tabard both of which are available from the Girl Guiding website or shops.

Although we meet up weekly with our own units we often share events with other Rainbows in our District. We feel this is important as it gives the girls a sense of belonging and to appreciate that Girl Guiding is not all about our unit and that there are others just like us within our community, the country and the world.

We also like to meet up with Baughurst Brownies a couple of times a year to build relationships between the two units.

Rainbow Guides follow a programme which is based on


The Rainbows have a ‘Rainbow Chat’ every term to plan the activities that they would like to do. Each activity will come under one or more of the above headings. 

Please feel free to contact us on the email addresses below or register your daughter on the Girl Guiding website if she is interested in joining.

For more information on Rainbows please email 3rd Baughurst Rainbows