Welcome to the 2nd Baughurst Brownies

Brownies is the second section of Girlguiding and is for girls between seven and ten.

We have two Guiders for 2nd Baughurst Brownies, called Eeyore and Piglet and they are supported by a team also named after the characters of Winnie the Pooh. There is Kanga who is Assistant Guider, Robin who is a Unit Helper and Dolphin and Rabbit who are Young Leaders. We are all volunteers who gain as much from ‘working’ with the Brownies as hopefully they get from coming to Brownies.

Brownies wear yellow and brown uniforms and each Brownie belongs to a six, which is a team.

We follow a Brownie led programme. Each term we have a pow-wow where we listen to all the Brownies ideas for activities they would like to do, which forms the basis of our programme. Brownies work towards badges at some of the meetings and can also work on achieving these badges at home. We also try to fit in plenty of fun and games before finishing each meeting with a song. Brownies say their promise

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